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Chapter 2 : New Landscape, Monsters and Mysterious Vendor introduction

Congratulations! After some hard time trying to complete the first chapter, and with the help of our Archero Beginner Guide you finally accomplish the 50th stage of Verdant prairie. This means so many things, you can now considere that you’re not anymore a noob in Archero. Also, in your run, you are going to have a new decor on the theme of the desert. Nothing will change in the course of your games: lucky wheel, angels and bosses still appear in the same stages order. This also means you will encounter new obstacles, new monsters and bosses. But don’t worry, to make you don’t get lost, we are going to help you to successfully accomplish this chapter fast as we did for Verdant Prairie!

Storm Desert Chapter

The New Monsters of Storm Desert

Since the first chapter, you should have noticed that mobs aren’t the same than the previous chapter. They are a differents kind of monsters coming from the desert. They also are stronger to beat and have differents way to move and to attack. So you will need to learn a bit how to fight against them without losing much HP from them. Obviously, you will need to make some games to figure out what are these new monsters. You will then learn how to protect yourself from their attacks, and how to efficiently kill them. They aren’t much complicated than those on Verdant Prairie, but you still need to have a great strategy if you want to be alive until stage 50.

New Bosses to fight

In Desert Storm, almost all bosses will change, with the exception of the giant red skull that now appears twice. In this chapter, on every 10 stages you will then encounter a different boss among this list:

Giant Brown Worm

This is the boss version of the Brown Worms that you can find as general mobs during your run in this chapter. A great tips to beat him is to stay just right under it as there is no of collision damage with him. Then the Giant Brown Worm can’t make damage to you while you kill him. This make this boss so easy to defeat.

Giant Red Spider

A giant spider that will split up to multiple spiders when you inflict enough damage to her. Try to dodge when spiders are in movement and be careful when they stop moving to fire you. To beat this boss, just hit the spiders with a fair distance to avoid and predict their movements.

Giant Tornado Skeleton

You have to fight this boss with more focus than the other as he is harder to defeat. Especially at the beginning, if you don’t know what attacks he is using and how to avoid them. Basically, all he do is lauching some tornados toward you. Some tornados are making zigzag to come at you, so try to anticipate their trajectories in order to better avoid them.

The final Boss

The final Boss of Storm Desert is called the Giant Cactus and it can take a while to beat him. As he will send projectiles very quickly, you will need to keep runing when fighting against him. And pay attention to the walls because his projectiles will explode in contact of them, so stay attentive during all the battle.

Introduction of the Mysterious Vendor in chapter 2

The Mysterious Vendor

In this second chapter, you will for the first time see the apparition of the Mysterious Vendor. This is a NPC pretty rare to meet that offer you interesting items for gold or gems. Indeed, there is two kind of Vendor shop, one offering scrolls for gold or gems and the other is equipment Vendor offering equipments for gems only.

For scrolls, there are differents types of offer. You can buy little amount of scrolls with your gold, or a better amount of scrolls with gems. You are getting more interesting stacks of scrolls when playing on high chapter. There are 3 differents prices for scrolls depending on whether they are used for rings, armor or weapons.

The Mysterious Vendor can also offer you some equipments from his store. This is rarest to find the equipments store, but they cost a lot of gems. So if you don’t have a precise idea of what stuff you exaclty want, it’s not advised to buy things in this store. Then, you will save your gems for later when you would like to get a better equipment.

Also, it’s recommended to choose what equipments you want to focus on, so you can buy appropriate scrolls and equipments from the Vendor. We are going to make a guide on Archero equipment very soon to help you with that.

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