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Archero tips to finish the Verdant Prairie chapter fast

Selecting the right Abilities

Inside an adventure, you are able to select a skill that give significant bonus for your archer. For each level you get inside a chapters, you can choose 1 skill among 3 that are randomly selected to increase your character strenght. If you die while trying to complete a chapter, your in-game levels and so your selected abilities will reset. There are a lot of abilities that give you differents kind of bonus.

Select Archero Abilities

Choose your best abilities among more than 60 skills

After each level won, you must choose 1 skill among the 3 proposed. There is not really some skills that are worth more than an other, but you might choose some according to your strategy. It is advisable to start with bonuses for shooting several arrows, as well as damage bonuses. Also, you can combine them with some spell abilities which will affect your ennemies with some poison, lightning or even fire bonus. Getting some attack speed and attack boost bonus is also great if you want to kill monsters faster. According to the situation, you can go for other bonus such as HP boost, invincibility star, headshot etc… It only depends on what you prefer and the situation you are on your game.

Here is the list of the different skill families you can find in the game:

  • Arrow Abilities
  • Spell Abilities 
  • Boost Abilities
  • Shield Abilities
  • Health Abilities
  • Spirit Abilities 
  • Circle Abilities
  • Strike Abilities
  • Sword Abilities
  • Star Abilities
  • Meteor Abilities
  • Health Dependent Abilities
  • Other Abilities

In total, there are over 60 abilities that you can choose for your character, and each of them will give a very interesting specific bonus.

Archero tips: kill all the mobs efficiently

Getting out of the 50 stages can be more difficult than you think. A simple mistake in positioning, or even inattention, can cost you your life in Archero. That is why we must be focused and adopt strategies to take as less damage as possible. Having good skills is a must for your character. With damage bonuses, attack speed, life boosters etc.. your chances of finishing the chapter will be increased. It is advisable to be very careful at the beginning of each stage and to identify the different obstacles and enemies to face. Depending on the layout of the walls, saws, rivers, ground spikes you will have to adapt your strategy to kill all the monsters of the stage.

Killing boss strategies

Killing the boss

Every 10 stages you complete inside Verdant Prairie, you will fight against a boss. There are 5 boss in this chapter who are: Giant Red Plant, Giant Blue Tree Stump, Round Fire Dragon, Giant Red Skull and the final boss: Giant Blue Rock Golem. They are all bigger version of usual monsters that you can find in this chapter. To beat them, you have to find the best strategy to avoid their attack and to deal damages as fast you can. Basically, boss can be found on every 10th stages of this dungeon. So be prepared before you go in. Every stage before boss room have a treasure chest that give you a great bonus of coins and heal you with 2 red hearts.

Ohter in-game useful bonus

Get bonus from Angel or Evil

Throughout your games, you will have access to several bonuses to help you in your quest. For every 5 internships you complete, an angel will appear and give you the opportunity to obtain an additional skill, or to heal yourself. This is very useful, especially when you get to the difficult levels, the angels will allow you to restore your health points in order to die less frequently.

The devil appears every time you kill a boss without losing a life. It is therefore quite rare to come across it, but the bonuses it offers are interesting. If the devil appears, you will have access to some unique skills but nevertheless, they will cost you 20% of your total health points. These unique skills will allow you to walk through walls, walk on water or even rise once again at your next death.

Spinning the Lucky Wheel

ads lucky wheel

Instead of getting the devil, if you lose some HP when you fight a boss, a lucky wheel while appear. Spinning on this wheel can give you 3 kind of rewards, either a skill, or come coins or heal for your hereo. After spinning, you will have an access to another “Watch Ads Lucky Wheel”. This is another wheel that you unlock after watching 30 secondes of advertisement rewarding you with gems or coins. This is the best way to earn free gems on the game if you don’t want to buy them with real money. Ads wheels are limited to 5 per days, but it still give you a great amount of gems. If you want to get free gems you can also read our Archero Hack tutorial.

That’s all for the Archero tips that will make you end the first chapter so easily. If you understand all this article, to finish the verdant prairie dungeon won’t take much time.

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