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Archero Guide for beginner: complete the first chapter

Archero is a new popular game where you need to lead an archer fighter to acheive different chapters. At the beginning, you start on a world called “Verdant Prairie” where you are going to learn how to play this game. If you still having some difficulties to complete this chapter, then you can read the following Archero guide to understand how this game works.

Your first run on Verdant Prairie world

Archero beginner guide: Verdant Prairie

When you begin on Archero, you start without any equipment, bonus, talent… you have nothing! This is the reason why you need to use your energy to make some runs at first to collect resources. There are 3 kind of different resources but only 2 which are usefull to make upgrade, as energy is only used to launch a game. After you have played some games, you should start getting coins and gems.

Collecting gems after at end of run

Gems are used to buy golden or obsidian chests on shop which are the best way to get equipment for your player. They are also used to revive your player at the first time you die when you’re playing.

At the end of each game you play, you are rewarded with an amount of gems that varies depending on stages you complete for a chapter. It’s usually about 10 gems for each 10 stages you complete, which means if you die at stage 30, your reward will be arround 30 gems. During a run, after you kill a boss, a lucky wheel can appear and make you earn some gems. Also, when you play, you gain levels for your player, that give you some gems for each level up.

These are the best ways to earn gems in Archero if you don’t want to buy them on the shop nethier use an Archero hack for free gems.

Collecting coins while you’re playing

Coins are the Archero currency that is used to make upgrade for your equipment and talents level. There are many ways to earn coins but you will mainly get them while killing monster when you play a game. For each monster you kill, you earn some coins, that you collect and get as reward when you get killed. Basically, for farest you go on stage, the more coins you collect. You can aslo get some coins by spinning on lucky and daily wheels after a boss fight.

Collecting scroll by killing monster

Scroll are used to increase your equipments level. There are 20 levels for each equipment and you need a specific scroll among the 4 kinds of equipments available (Weapon, Armor, Ring and Spirit).

Scrolls are randomly dropped from the monsters you kill during your runs. And this is basically the only way to earn them when beginning in Archero.

Archero guide : Upgrade equipments and talents to complete first chapter

Once you get a little reserve of coins and gems, you can start spending them to make useful improvements for your player. Don’t worry, we are going to explain you how to spend resources on this Archero guide. So, there are the two required resources to make player upgrades:

Upgrade your Talents levels

Talents are permanent bonus for your archer that you can increase with your coins. Among talents, you have 9 diferents bonus that permently boost your account. Here is the list:

  • Strenght, increases your max HP.
  • Power, increases your attack.
  • Recover, red hearts heal you with more HP.
  • Iron Bulwark, reduces damage when a monster touch you.
  • Agile, increases attack speed.
  • Inspire, recover more HP when you level up in a run.
  • Enhance Equipment, boosts your equipements.
  • Time Reward, gives rewards every hour.
  • Glory, to select a skill when starting a game.
talents page

Upgrading talents will randomly choose among these bonus to increase. Each time you make improvments for a talents, the cost in coins increase too.

Find your equipments in chests

equipments page

Chests are the best ways if you’re looking for strong equipments. At this time, there is only 2 types of chests available which are Golden and Obsidian chests. They respectively cost 60 and 300 gems to open if you buy them on the shops. Their rewards are also respectively Common/Great or Great/Rare/Epic equipment. Opening chests can allow you to get huge bonus for your player, so it’s higly recommended to save your gems until you can buy some Obsidian ones to get high tier equipments that make you a lot stronger.

You may also be rewarded with a golden chest at the end of a game depending your luck and how far you go on stages.

Improve equipments with scrolls

Killing monsters when you’re on run can sometimes give you a scroll as a drop. Depending on the scroll nature, you will be allowed to level up one of your equipment with it. To do it, simply go on your equipments menu and select which one you want to improve. Click on it, so you are able to upgrade it with the right scroll and some coins. Basically scrolls and coins are all you need to level up your stuff.

If you want to go deeper in the Archero basic plays, we higly suggest you to visit the Archero Wiki page.

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